How to Use the Transform Tool in Lightroom to “Transform” Your Photos

If you’re not familiar with the Transform tool in Lightroom or if you just need a quick brush up on it, Toronto, Canada-based software expert Lucy Martin is here to teach you all about it. In the below video, Martin shows you how the Transform tool can “shift the perspective in photos or get really clean crisp lines.”

“This tool looks great on architecture, buildings, anything with hard lines in them,” she explains. To get some sample shots to work on for her demo, Martin heads out to Toronto Island to shoot some cityscapes of Toronto that she will “transform” in Lightroom.

While there are several automated features in Transform, as Martin shows, many of them are a little quirky and don’t often work. Instead she recommends using the Guided function, which gives you more control over what you’re changing using Transform.

The video is part of Martin’s “Edit with Me, Monday,” and it’s a helpful show-and-tell of another one of Lightroom’s diverse photo editing toolset. You can watch more of Martin’s videos on her excellent YouTube channel. Here are two others we have featured recently:

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