How to Use the Simple but Powerful Effects Panel in Lightroom (VIDEO)

If you’ve been following Lucy Martin’s excellent series of Lightroom tutorials you have, no doubt, already learned a lot. A few months ago, we shared her helpful video on how to use the important Tone Cure tool in Lightroom, and now here’s another great Lightroom tutorial on using the handy Effects panel.

While the Tone Curve tool was fairly complex, the Effects panel is much simpler and more straightforward but what it can do to your photos can be dramatic.

“This tutorial is going to be quick and easy because there’s actually not too much in the Effects panel,” Martin admits. “It’s funny, when I first went into this panel, I was like there’s going to be so many effects, what can I do? But then it’s like, oh you can do vignetting and grain. So, that’s it but we can still do very cool things with those two features.”

And over the course of Martin’s nearly 9-minute video, she does, demonstrating how much those two effects can change the look of an image in Lightroom. Check it out and then go visit her YouTube channel where there are other great videos from this Toronto-based photographer.

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