How to Resize Photos for Different Purposes (VIDEO)

Photographers use their images in a variety of ways. Sometimes the goal is a huge print to display on a wall, while other times you want post photos on social media platforms—some of which have unique sizing requirements.

Or how about making snapshot-sized files for emailing to family and friends, or 300 dpi 4x6 prints for placement in an album? In all of these cases it’s important to size the image properly for optimum results. In the video below from Unique Tutorials, an instructional channel based in India, you'll learn exactly how it's done.  

Resizing is one of the easiest tasks in Photoshop, and an unnamed instructor walks you through the recommended step-by-step method in less than five minutes. In basic terms the task involves measuring image width and height in pixels for photos you want to use online.

For images you intend to print, the suggestion is to measure dimensions in inches or centimeters. You’ll also see how to preserve proportions, a step that automatically adjusts the height of your photo when you change the width (or vice versa).

By selecting Resample when following these simple guideline you’ll be able to change the number of pixels in an image—thereby changing image size to your exact specifications. Click OK and you’re done!

While you can likely accomplish the task by following the above summary, we recommend watching the video for more details and to see a visual representation of the instructions.

If you’re interested in more mini tutorials like this, all you have to do is visit the Unique Tutorials YouTube channel and choose a video that meets your needs.

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