How to Remove Anything from Any Photo in Photoshop (Video Tutorial)

Here’s a typical photo scenario: someone you know has an otherwise attractive portrait which, unfortunately, also includes an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend in the shot. They want to keep the portrait of them but get rid of the now unwanted dude or gal in the photo. Knowing that you know a little something about Photoshop they come to you to, ahem, retouch the image.

What do you do? Well, there are some quick and dirty solutions in Photoshop, which you could try. (Content-Aware Fill, anyone?) But some of those tools are more suited for removing simple objects in the background such as errant wires or distracting poles. How do you remove a whole dude and then rebuild the background so it looks natural?

That’s what Photshop expert Nathaniel Dodson, aka Tutvid, tackles in the below Photoshop tutorial titled, “Advanced: Remove Anything from Any Photo.” As the title suggests, this is an advanced editing scenario but one that’s not that hard if you follow Dodson’s salient advice in the 25-minute video below.

“In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll break down how to approach and use layers and cloning and healing tools to remove people or objects from difficult photos and how I like to work with selections and these tools to do more advanced work in Photoshop,” he explains.

So, pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit back, and watch Dodson work his removal magic. The tips he shares should help you the next time you want to remove someone or something in an image.

Watch more of Dodson’s clear and informed Photoshop tutorials on his YouTube channel.