How to Create Blast Effects in Toy Photography: Tips from Johnny Wu (aka Sgt. Bananas)

Toy photography is a perennial favorite amongst Shutterbug readers and below are some more tips from a miniatures master. In the video from Adam Savage's Tested, toy photographer Johnny Wu (aka Sgt. Bananas) demonstrates how he creates blast effects in toy photography.

"This time, he shows how he uses sparklers to create fiery action behind his subjects, evoking battle scenes to dramatic effect," Norman Chan of Adam Savages' Tested says. "Please note: Sparklers and fireworks are inherently dangerous, and we do not recommend attempting this at home. Flour is also extremely flammable."

Check out the video below and make sure you heed the warning above. Then go see some more of Wu's work on his Sgt. Bananas Instagram feed. If you're interested in toy photography, read these three other stories we've featured:

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