Is This the Holy Trinity of Lenses? Photographer Peter McKinnon Thinks So & Here’s Why

Are there three essential lenses that every serious photographer should have in his or her kit bag? Photographer Peter McKinnon thinks so and in the below video he discusses what he calls “the holy trinity of lenses.”

Actually, he didn’t come up with this phrase to describe a trio of popular zooms many photographers should own: 16-35mm, 24-70mm, and 70-200mm lenses. He does, however, give a good explanation of why these classic focal lengths are important to have in his “2-Minute Tuesday” video below.

“You’ve got a focal range of wide all the way to compressed, 200 mil. If you can add an adapter, if you get that teleconverter, two times teleconverter, then you’ve got 400 mil," McKinnon says. "So, you’ve got 16 to 400 with just this in your bag. That’s amazing.”

Watch the clip and then tell us in the comments if there are other lenses you can’t live without and why. Then go check out more of McKinnon’s videos on his YouTube channel. Here are three that we have featured recently:

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