Here's What Portraits Look Like Shot with a 50mm F/1.2 vs an 85mm F/1.4 Lens. Which Did Better?

Lens comparison shootouts are always a lot of fun especially when they're primes and it's a portrait session. In the below video, photographer Jessica Kobeissi pits a 50mm F/1.2 lens against an 85mm F/1.4 lens while photographing a model using the same settings and the same locations.

The lenses Kobeissi uses in the lens comparison are from Canon and they aren't cheap, but you could also use less expensive, slower lenses and still get great portrait results.

"I know these lenses are very expensive," Kobeissi says. "I started photography with kit lenses, then eventually upgraded to the 50mm 1.4. After eight years of professionally photographing I recently just bought the 85mm 1.4 this year. I put off buying it because it cost so much money. So, don't worry if you can't afford these exact lenses. If you are looking for something a bit more affordable, the 50mm 1.4 and the 85mm 1.8 are great alternatives and do not disappoint."

Watch as Kobeissi photographs her model, Amelia, and see the imaging results so you can judge which lens did better for portraits. Of course, this is a subjective lens test but we're curious whether you thought the 85mm prime or the 50mm prime did better.

Let us know in the comments and then go visit Kobeissi's channel for more portrait photography how-tos. You should also check out this lens shootout comparing an 85mm vs a 105mm vs a 70-200mm lens for portraits.

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It seems like it would have been better if you framed the shots similarly. Of course, you'd have to be closer with the 50 and the bokeh would probably have been different then. Just my little thought...

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