Here's the Most Realistic Way to SWAP Heads in Photoshop (VIDEO)

Now here's a Photoshop tutorial that's bound to draw interest and, perhaps, some controversy. In the below video from PiXimperfect, Photoshop guru Unmesh Dinda shows you what he calls "the most realistic and easy way to change faces or swap heads in Photoshop."

Of course, there are some photographers who may think this is going too far in image manipulation, particularly anyone who cares about the purity of a true portrait. There are others, however, who will probably think this type of technique is all part of the power and fun of Photoshop.

But it doesn’t matter if you think Dinda's Photoshop trick is magic or creates Frankenstein's monster; he explains it in the simple, clear-cut manner with which he leads all his software tutorials.

"In this tutorial, we will start by learning the criteria and prerequisites essential even before the editing process for a perfect head swap," Dinda explains. "Then, we will learn techniques for proper placement, matching the lights and shadows, and most importantly, matching the skin tones."

The key to this kind of radical Photoshop transformation is to make the head swap or face change look as natural and realistic as possible. Dinda shows you how below.

Check out his comprehensive, 15-minute tutorial and then go subscribe to his channel to receive all his software tips, tricks and advice including this video where he explains the best way to whiten teeth in Photoshop.