Here's How to Turn Any Lens into a Wide Angle with a Simple Lightroom Trick (VIDEO)

Here’s a cool Lightroom trick for when you want to capture a wide-angle or even ultra-wide angle scene but don’t have a wide-angle lens. In the below video, photographer and YouTuber Chris Hau shows you how to go from narrow to wide in just a few simple steps.

All you’ll need to turn any lens into a wide-angle are two things: any camera and lens, and a copy of Lightroom on your computer.

“Step 1, grab your camera, get the exposure you want of your subject, and then lock the focus,” Hau explains. “Step 2, shoot a vertical or square panorama (of your subject). Now that you have your photos, let’s bring those into Lightroom.”

The next step is to select the images you’re going to be using for your vertical or square panorama, then right click on those photos, go to the Photo Merge option, and click Panorama. After the computer processes the image, it will probably look sort of strange.

To fix your oblong or distorted panorama, click through the different Panorama options, whether its Spherical, Cylindrical or Perspective to see which one looks best on your photo, select auto crop, hit the Merge button and wham-o: you should have a cool looking wide-angle panorama you shot with your standard lens.

If that sounds complicated it’s not. Watch the below video where Hau walks your through the process, and then check out his awesome YouTube channel for more of his photography videos. Here are two that we have featured recently:

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