Here Are Some Easy Tips on How to Use the Important Tone Curve Tool in Lightroom (VIDEO)

We’ve shared several tutorials on Photoshop’s Curves tool in recent weeks and they’ve been quite popular. So, here’s a helpful video on a similarly intimidating but oh-so-vital feature in Lightroom: the important Tone Curve adjustment.

While Lightroom’s Tone Curve might seem similar to Photoshop’s Curves, it doesn’t affect color in the same way. Tone Curve in Lightroom is strictly about adjusting brightness and contrast, not color hue.

This, in some ways, makes Tone Curve’s functionality more straightforward but there are still some key tips and tricks to getting the most of it in Lightroom, which Toronto, Canada-based photographer Lucy Martin explains in the below video.

Check out the video and then watch these Photoshop Curves tutorials for a better idea of how these powerful tools work:

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Then take a look at Martin’s YouTube channel where she has many other great Lightroom and photography tips videos.