Here’s How to Save Big Bucks by Making Your Own “Lensbaby” Tilt-Shift Lens for $30 (VIDEO)

Weird Lens Guru Mattieu Stern is at it again with this DIY project explaining how to make a Lenbaby style tilt-shift lens for a mere $30. All you need is a cheap vintage Soviet Helios lens, a rubber tube, and you’re good to go.

In the video below, Stern walks you through the process of assembling your bargain lens and shows you how to use it. He also offers some impressive photos illustrating the great results you can expect, including some really creamy bokeh.

Like an authentic Lensbaby, your homemade version alters the point of focus by simply moving the lens side to side or up and down. The project is fun, effective, and cheap—so why not give it a try? You can find more optical oddities on Stern’s YouTube channel, and check out the earlier piece we posted on Stern's $1 solution for making dramatic long-exposure photographs.

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