Group Sets Guinness World Record for Most Orbs in a Lighting Painting

We’ve seen colorful orbs in a light painting before but never as many as the East Coast Light Painting (ECLP) group crammed into a single exposure this past summer. In fact, the Guinness World Records just confirmed that the ECLP set the world record for most complete light orbs in a single exposure with 200 orbs.

The ECLP, which includes 12 light painting artists from across the country, announced the record in a post on Jason D. Page’s blog today. Page, who is part of the ECLP collective that set the record, wrote a story for Shutterbug last year about his light painting techniques.

“The first and most important part of this story is that it was a group effort,” Page wrote on his blog about the Guiness World Record. “Setting this record was a massive amount of work, without all of us working together this most certainly would not have happened.”

The record lighting painting eclipses the previous record of 100 complete orbs that was set back in 2011 by Andrew Wells. The ECLP set the record during a special shoot on July 19, 2014 in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. More details on the 200 Orbs website.

Light painting is a photographic technique where a hand-held light source is moved during a long exposure image to create a colorful, illuminated pattern or shape in a photograph.

Watch a behind-the-scenes video on how the ECLP broke the record below. You can also read all about the experience in Page’s blog post.

Here’s a breakdown of all the members of the group that broke the light painting record, with links to their websites: Aaron BauerChristopher RenfroCJ YungerDennis CalvertJason D. Page, Jason L. RinehartJeremy JacksonJohnny A. AndrewsJohnny Dickerson, Laura DelPratoMike Newcomer, and Ryan O’Connell.