Adorama Debuts Flashpoint Zoom Li-on On-Camera Flash Units & Lighting Accessories

Adorama expanded the Flashpoint lighting line with the launch of Zoom Li-on, a collection of on/off camera flash products with internal lithium ion batteries. The Li-on line offers a range of high-power flash units and lighting accessories in easily transportable packages. Products include the Zoom Li-on speedlight Flash (available in manual, Canon TTL and Nikon TTL models), and the Zoom Li-on Flash Commander Transmitter/Receiver Set.

The compact Zoom Li-on speedlight flash is powered an internal lithium ion battery. No bigger than a traditional speedlight, it offers all of the benefits of an external battery pack without the cables. The full power recycle time is less than 1.5 seconds, allowing for near-instant continuous shooting. One battery charge holds up to 650 full power shots, and even more for lower-powered use.

The Zoom Li-on Flash is sleek, easy use with simple controls and a large, bright LCD screen. The versatile flash head rotates 360˚ and tilts over 90˚ to work with any type of bounce or modifier. The head zooms from 24mm to 105mm to ensure the necessary coverage without wasted spill. Modes include: manual, 2 optical slave modes, a stroboscopic mode, and remote power control using a Flashpoint Commander and Receiver—the Zoom Li-on Flash works both on and off camera.

In addition to TTL automatic output, the Zoom Li-on models for Canon or Nikon TTL offer all the extra features of proprietary TTL strobes, such as HSS, exposure compensation, exposure bracketing, automatic zooming and flash exposure lock. They offer complete integration with proprietary TTL strobe IR remote control systems and can be used to control (or be controlled by) Canon or Nikon flashes as a master or slave, as well as for group control. The Zoom Li-on Flash comes with a li-ion battery pack, battery charger, mini stand, protective case and an instruction manual.

The Commander Transmitter and Receiver Set is a companion to the Zoom Li-on Flash, and is backwards-compatible with the Flashpoint Streaklight line. It allows remote power control from 150+ feet, allowing users to view and change flash output at any time. Other flash functions can also be adjusted remotely. With 16 channels and 16 groups, you can remotely control individual units or groups no matter how many units you use, and avoid interfering with other photographers. The Zoom Li-on Flash Commander Transmitter and Receiver Set comes with a transmitter and a receiver featuring sync cord triggering exclusively designed for Zoom Li-on Flash products.

The Flashpoint Zoom Li-on Flash is available now in 3 models: Manual ($99.95), Canon TTL and Nikon TTL ($179.95). The Flashpoint Zoom Li-on Flash Commander Transmitter and Receiver Set is available for $69.95. Additional batteries are $49.95 and the battery charger is $19.95 for the Zoom Li-on Flash can be purchased separately from Flashpoint.

More info on the new Flashpoint line here

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