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Every Friday high profile photographers come to the microphones of the world wide leader in Internet talk, the best, brightest and high profile photographers in the world for your listening pleasure.

We are approaching three years of Internet Radio broadcasting. What makes this show different from other radio shows is that it originates and is stored on the web at or The content of the show is all photography talk, all the time. If you missed hearing something important, you can go back and replay it again and again. If you're a photo enthusiast you'll love to here high profile photographers share their exciting experiences while giving hints and tips on how they get the job done. Find out what kind of equipment they use and what they recommend.

You will also hear industry leaders make important major announcements that will affect your photography. You will find out about major trade shows in the industry.

What does it feel like flying in the chase plane of space Ship One, photographing one of the historical events of your lifetime. How do you hold your breath when the horses of the Kentucky Derby are coming around the final turn and you alone are responsible to record this spectacular moment? Do you know what kind of camera Oscar nominated Jeff Bridges prefers? Do you know how many photographers cover the Indy 500? What is it like being a photographer in the NFL? You just have to listen to this outstanding broadcast each week and hear the voices of these very talented photographers.

Featured photographer for this period is Oscar nominated Jeff Bridges. He started taking pictures like many of us, during his high school years. He created a black and white darkroom in his bathroom for his first pictures. The son of famous actor Lloyd Bridges, Jeff followed in his fathers acting footsteps but his love of photography was a passion that stayed with him throughout life. He photographed behind the scenes of the movies in which he acted. Taking time to capture those candid moments when actors are working hard to perfect their craft. He made books of each of the movies he was in and gave them to the cast.

These photos of his movies have been made into a book called "Pictures", available at bookstores everywhere. The proceeds of the sales of his photos and book go to the Motion Picture and Television Fund, a non-profit organization that assists industry workers. His portraiture has been on exhibit in a number of galleries, most recently in San Diego at the Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA). Jeff Bridges - Pictures is a perfect exhibition for MOPA," says Carol Mc Cusker curator, "since it combines Bridges' photographs with the numerous films he has starred in."

Jeff received his current camera as a gift from his wife Sue. With this rare camera, a Widelux F-8, using 3200 Kodak black and white films, Jeff creates panoramic photos that are nearly 180 degrees. "One of the things I love about the wide-format camera is that when you take the picture, many people aren't aware that they're in the photos," Bridges said. "Viewers can really look around in each photograph and see many little worlds and scenes going on. I think that is more how we experience life." I asked Jeff what tips he had for the beginner. His advice was to keep your camera with you and fire quickly. Don't wait for the perfect moment or you may miss the shot.

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