This Funny Video Describes 5 Types of Photographers: Which One Sounds Most like You?

Since you’re visiting our website, chances are you take photography seriously. But regardless of personal style and the images you shoot most, we bet you’ll find it difficult not to laugh at the following video describing five types of photographers.

Benjamin Jaworskyj is a self-taught professional landscape photographer with a great sense of humor, and we wonder which one of the five types of photographers he describes resonates most with you. Perhaps you’re the Techie who Jaworskyj says, “wears cameras like women wear handbags” and can talk forever about camera minutiae without ever taking a breath.

We tend to identify more closely with Jaworskyj’s description of the Landscape Photographer who refuses to go anywhere without a tripod—even while sleeping or brushing his teeth. And then there’s the Wildlife Photographer who “fits so perfectly in nature that you won’t recognize him even when he’s right in front of you.”

Whether you identify with one of the above archetypes, with the Portrait Photographer “who always hangs around with hot chicks,” or with one of the other types of shooters Jaworskyj describes, the hilarious video below is a great way to get rid of the Monday blues.

You can find more fun and helpful videos on Jaworskyj’s YouTube channel, and be sure to look at a tutorial of his we shared recently with five great tips for better landscape photographs.