5 Amazing Landscape Photography Tricks in 3 Minutes from Pro Benjamin Jaworskyj (VIDEO)

Benjamin Jaworskyj is a self-taught professional adventure photographer with a teaching style all his own. In the exuberant three-minute video below he reveals five secrets for shooting compelling landscape images.

Jaworskyj begins with three lens filters he uses regularly to add punch to his images. He demonstrates how to capture silky-smooth photos of water with an ND filter, why he always has a graduated filter on hand to tone down bright skies, and how a polarizing filter can eliminate distracting reflections and pump up color

Jaworskyj also explains the importance of strong foreground subjects and why great landscape photographers get up early and go to bed late. You can find more shooting and editing tutorials on Jaworskyj’s YouTube channel, and be sure to look at an earlier video of his we shared with five Photoshop tricks in 99 seconds.