Friday Fun: How Photographers Act When They Have Their Photo Taken (VIDEO)

Are you a photographer who HATES having their photo taken? Or maybe you don’t mind it, but you want to control the situation since you are, after all, a photographer!

If you answered yes to either of those questions, you’ll get a kick out of this funny video from Jessica Kobeissi. Titled “How Photographers Act When Their Photo Is Taken,” the short clip shows, in a humorous way, why it’s such a challenge to take a photo of a photographer without them getting into the act somehow.

Whether you’re the photographer getting your photo taken or you’re the one trying to take a photo of a photographer, you’ll enjoy this bit of “Friday Fun” from Kobeissi.

You can see more of her videos on her YouTube channel. You should also check out this crazy compilation for photographer FAILS, and this hilarious Conan O’Brien sketch where he shows off more “faked” wildlife photos.