FotoNation “ChromaFix” One-Step Auto-Correction Of Chromatic Aberrrations

FotoNation has announced "ChromaFix" a new one-step chromatic aberration correction technology. ChromaFix brings advanced image processing technology normally found in much higher-priced cameras to low-cost low-power devices, including consumer digital cameras and camera phones. ChromaFix is offered in several configurations: a software-only solution or coupled with FotoNation's IP-Core hardware acceleration technology to achieve maximum performance.

Higher-end digital cameras often include sophisticated glass lenses that minimize aberrations. Low-cost consumer-level cameras and camera phones have different price/performance dynamics, resulting in lower quality optics through the use of plastic lenses. With ChromaFix, consumers can get high-quality results at a low cost.

An example of chromatic aberrations is the occurrence of purple fringes around high contrast edges in a photo, which is the result of a misalignment of the red, green and blue wave-lengths of light during focusing. The prevalence of purple fringing is dependent on the design of the optical system in the camera, including: optical light path, lens materials, aperture of the exposure and the design of the image processing system executed during image capture. The purple color results from the fact that most lens designs are optimized to focus based on the green wave lengths of light. The blue and red wavelengths of light fall out of focus and overlap, producing a purple color due to the additive properties of color perception (blue and red result in purple).

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