Final Shot: Our Favorite Reader Photo of the Month


© Yvonne Baur Photography

Autumn Colors
Shutterbug reader Yvonne Baur captured this colorful image near “The Subway,” a uniquely shaped slot canyon in Zion National Park in Utah.

“This spot is right before you enter the actual Subway section of the hike and the only water you see is through this tiny crack in the sandstone,” Baur says. “Fall, in particular, is a wonderful time for this hike, because all the fallen leaves align along the crack until they are carried away by the current.”

The image is a four-second exposure shot with a Nikon D610 and a Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 lens at 29mm, ISO 100, and f/18. Her other equipment included a Feisol carbon-fiber tripod, cable release, and a Tiffen ND filter. “I am a photography major and in my junior year at Dixie State University here in Utah and primarily focus on landscapes, stock and product photography.” See more of Baur’s work at

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