Feast Your Eyes on These Stunning Images of Earth Just Captured by the International Space Station

We thought we’d give you a break from the barrage of Photokina product news, and let you feast your eyes on these stunning images just captured by the International Space Station (ISS) some 250 miles above us. These images of our planet at night were taken last week.

The lead image is a nighttime view of the Strait of Gibraltar with a Russian Soyuz spacecraft on the left and the Progress spacecraft in the foreground. The lights of Madrid and Barcelona are clearly visible at the bottom of the frame. The image below shows the inverted Southern tip of Italy with the bright lights of Naples near the bottom.

This final shot is nighttime view of Northern Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula. Those are the bright lights of Cairo on the left. You can follow the activities aboard the ISS by visiting their Facebook page. And be sure to take a look at our earlier story of a breathtaking ISS night shot of an ancient crater on earth lit by the Aurora Borealis.


Serge Belfry's picture

Strange to find the lights of the city (indicating that the pictures were taken at night) and the sun reflection in the sea (or maybe is the moon?).