E-Filming 360 Panorama Photo System

Argraph Corporation, the international supplier of photographic / imaging products, is introducing the new E-filming Digital Drive 360° Panorama Camera Base, an automatic system for making panorama, spherical and 3D rotation photographs quickly, easily and affordably.

Panorama, Spherical, and 3D rotation photographs and presentations are much simpler now that digital cameras and software can stitch several digital pictures together. In order to create these images, a level shooting platform and a camera rotation device are required.

Until now most panorama camera bases were manually rotated and operated like scientific instruments. Photographers had to move the camera slowly and try to match all the rulers and markers in the process. It was a difficult and time-consuming process that only experienced photographers could do with good results.

The E-Filming Digital Drive Panorama Camera Base changes all that. Panoramic picture taking is now easy, quick and automatic. With the included “Cool Stitch” and “3D Maker” software, virtually anyone can make their own panorama, spherical, and 3D rotation photographs in minutes. It provides a new dimension in photography for all photographers.

Of course, for the serious photographers and professionals who require more sophisticated software, there is additional photo software commercially available to get even more stunning effects while using the E-filming Digital Drive Panorama Camera Base.

Click the following link to down load panorama examples, a product introduction video, and a 3D rotation demonstration:


The E-filming Digital Drive Panorama Camera Base is distributed exclusively by Argraph Corporation. It is available from retailers nationwide for the expected retail price of $599.95.