Don’t Let Drab Weather Spoil Cityscape Photos: It’s Easy to Replace Boring Skies with Photoshop (VIDEO)

French landscape photographer Serge Ramelli has a unique knack for capturing gorgeous images and making them even more spectacular with a bit of judicious editing. In this tutorial he demonstrates how to replace a boring sky in Photoshop.

There are numerous sky-swap techniques that can enhance a dull image, but for this video Ramelli says he’s chosen a method that’s not only effective but quick and easy to accomplish. The trick is knowing how to take advantage of Photoshop’s Multiply Blend mode.

Ramelli begins by explaining how to capture images that work best with this technique; namely those with a wide sky that is slightly overexposed. He then demonstrates how to properly position a replacement sky over the original image, creating a mirrored effect in the foreground.

Ramelli repeats this approach with a second replacement sky for a different but equally dramatic effect. This technique is remarkably fast and really delivers remarkable results.

You can find more shooting and editing videos on Ramelli’s YouTube channel, and be sure to watch an earlier tutorial we posted with seven tips for great landscape photographs.