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David Brooks' Digital Darkroom Resource: Volume III -- CD TOC (continued)
Bonus Chapters

17. WHAT COLOR RED IS 228-54-25? -What Color Management Can Do for You, And How It Works

18. CAMERA RAW WORKFLOW - How To Get The Most Image Quality In A Print From A Digital Camera

19. DIGITAL IN BLACK AND WHITE-2 - The Status Of Ink Jet B&W Printing 2005

20. TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR PRINT QUALITY - A Color Managed Screen To Print Matching Workflow With Elements

21. SOFT-FOCUS REVISITED DIGITALLY - How To Make Your Own Soft-Focus Lens Like The One I've Used For 40 Years

Third Edition Chapters
22. DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY MYTHS AND LEGENDS - Erroneous Popular Assumptions About Digital Photography

23. THE BASIS FOR TECHNIQUE IS UNDERSTANDING THE PROCESS - Film & Digital Photography Are Different Kinds Of Media

24. INKJET PAPER - What You Need To Know But Have Never Asked

25. FILM & DIGITAL HYBRID FOR B&W - How To Get The Best Of Both Worlds

26. GREAT BLACK & WHITE WITH COLOR TOO FOR LESS - The Best Of Both: An Epson R800 Or R1800 With B&W 100 Percent Carbon MIS Ink

How To Order
The Digital Darkroom Resource CD is available for $20 plus $4 shipping and handling (US Mail if available).

Ordering is as simple as sending a check or money order for $24 made out to David B. Brooks and mailed to PO Box 2830, Lompoc, CA 93438.


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