Datacolor Launches Two New Spyder3 Products

Datacolor has announced Spyder3Pro and Spyder3Print. These two new solutions are expertly designed to address the color management needs of photographers and creative professionals that require the most accurate color for digital editing and printing.

In October, Datacolor introduced the first two products in the Spyder3 family, Spyder3Elite and Spyder3Studio. The addition of Spyder3Pro and Spyder3Print completes the full line of color calibration solutions, and all four are now available for purchase worldwide. Each Spyder3 product addresses different needs to match the diversity of users who depend on accurate color, setting a new industry standard for display and printer calibration.

The Spyder3Pro is a display calibration tool for serious photographers that includes the only colorimeter available on the market offering a seven detector color engine, with an aperture several times larger than other devices for increased accuracy and performance. It is designed to deliver more precise control over white point and gamma, and has easy-to-use features including a new Display Assistant that stores and easily retrieves all user device-specific information on each display to save time during recalibration.

Key features of Spyder3Pro:

· Intelligent Ambient Light Control: Automatically measures ambient light in the room to deliver a new level of calibration precision and unique options to either adjust room light settings or the display profile. It also conveniently captures a history of light conditions to distinguish light changes from studio flashes or shadows.

· Sixteen Calibration Target Choices: User-selected white point and gamma combinations give users the flexibility to use the photo industry standard, or options to best match their working conditions.

· Fast ReCAL Option: Reduces calibration time by more than half allowing users to quickly and easily recalibrate on a more frequent basis.

· New SpyderProof™ Function: Enables users to evaluate calibration in before and after modes using four quadrants of carefully selected images targeting: Saturated Colors, Skin Tones, Gradients and Black & White. It also makes it possible to zoom in on any photo to analyze highlights, shadow detail, color or tonal response.

· New Real-Time Calibration Monitoring: Ensures display color is accurate through ongoing background checks of calibration and profile settings, providing instant notifications when changes are required.

· Multiple Display Calibration: Conveniently calibrates all displays within a user's system through its innovative Spyder3 colorimeter, the only solution that is capable of calibrating monitors (LCD, CRTs), notebooks and projectors.

Spyder3Print is a unique print calibration solution that includes software and a Datacolor 1005 spectrocolorimeter to ensure accurate and consistent color. Spyder3Print enables photographers to output gallery-quality color or black and white prints and makes storing and creating profiles easy through its simple wizard-driven program. Additionally, its Precise Light Function enables users to adjust profile settings to optimize the print based on where and how it will be displayed by previewing and adjusting to different ambient lighting conditions.

Key features of Spyder3Print:
· Speed and Accuracy: Create custom profiles in minutes with standard color or black and white targets. A new SpyderGuide™ is included for convenience in creating profiles easily and accurately.

· New SpyderProof™ Function: Gives a series of real images to evaluate detail from a photographer's point of view, softproofing images using customized user-developed profiles. Users are able to print sample images directly from SpyderProof to check profile results, delivering a new level of control to achieve color excellence.

· Curves Import Function: Enables total control over color and black and white tinting curves in the Image Editor, which allows users to apply adjustments to the profile rather than to each individual image.

· Precision Gray Axis Algorithm: Extended Grays Target enables users to add precision gray and near gray data to profiles, enhancing quality of tinted and black and white prints.

· PreciseLight™ Function: Adjusts profile settings to optimize prints based on where and how they will be displayed by allowing users to preview and adjust to different ambient lighting conditions.

· Supports 16 Bit Profiles:
Supports both 8-bit and 16-bit profiles to consistently reproduce even the most subtle elements.

· Advanced Presets: Users can easily select pre-built or custom sets of advanced profile settings to produce profiles with specific combinations of highlight and shadow tint, and detail and neutrality settings.

· Printing Primer & Comprehensive On-Screen Help:
Spyder3Print on-screen help is a primer on how to get great prints by supporting every step of the process -- from printer check to media selection and profile creation.

· Integrated Print Quality and Media Settings Check: Helps verify printers are configured and operating correctly.

"The new Spyder3Pro and Spyder3Print solutions ensure color accuracy and efficiency for serious photographers and creative professionals," said Krista Behrend, Spyder3 global product manager at Datacolor. "Our customers rely on Datacolor solutions to realize their creative vision, and we are proud of the level of innovation achieved in the Spyder3 family of products."

Pricing and System Requirements
Spyder3Pro has a US SRP of $169 and Spyder3Print, $499. Each is compatible with Mac OSX (10.3 or higher) and Windows 2000, XP 32/64 and Vista 32/64.

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