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Create A Background For Portrait Candids; Pro Results With A Rainbow Of Color Options Page 2



This will render the gradient into clouds that will be a mixture of the two colors: dark red and black (#7). After looking at #7, I decided that I wanted a little brighter red in the background. So, I went back to the Swatches Palette and selected a brighter shade of red. Then, I drew the smooth gradient again. And then Rendered the Clouds again. This time I got the result shown in #8.


Once the subject has been isolated and placed on a layer, it is easy to play with different color options for the background. After you Render the Clouds you can go on to apply Blur filters or other things like Brightness and Contrast, etc. Experiment with the various other options that you can do to the background. And remember, a professional photographer will typically pay a couple hundred dollars for a painted canvas background like the one you've just created.


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