Creo Announces First Shipments of New Leaf Aptus Digital Camera Backs

Creo Inc. (NASDAQ: CREO: TSX: CRE) has announced the immediate availability of the new Leaf Aptus digital camera back system. This digital camera back is being introduced in two models: the Leaf Aptus 22 and the Leaf Aptus 17, with resolutions of 22 million and 17 million pixels respectively. The Leaf Aptus was designed to accommodate the needs of professional photographers. A 6 x 7 cm touch screen display enables photographers to shoot up to 1000 frames without interruption.

Images are shot at a speed of up to 1.2 seconds per frame, and can be evaluated and edited on the spot. A unique user button is customizable and enables the photographer to quickly access vital image information and perform tasks without removing his or her hands from the camera.

The Leaf Aptus further offers a range of storage methods for any shooting situation: a standard CompactFlash card; the fast and portable 20 GB and 30 GB Leaf Digital Magazine (holds over 1000 lossless raw files); a high-volume portable FireWire disk; and the tethered option of shooting straight to a computer.

The Leaf Aptus is delivered with the enhanced Leaf Capture 10 software, which offers a range of image-editing tools to adjust, select, and process images quickly and efficiently. The software enables photographers to simultaneously edit multiple 16-bit raw HDR files, batch process, and create and modify color profiles. The digital loupe tool, unique to the Leaf Capture 10 software, enables users to zoom into any sized preview or thumbnail for focus and detail verification.

Special offers, including trade-ins, are available for the purchase of the Leaf Aptus 22 and Leaf Aptus 17 systems. For more details, please visit