Corel Introduces the "Summer of Painter"

Corel Corporation has kicked off the "Summer of Painter" with two announcements regarding Corel Painter IX. The Corel Painter IX 9.1 update is now available as a free download for all Painter IX customers. The update provides customers with new features and enhancements including:

Dual Monitor Support for Windows Customers running Windows 2000 and Windows XP can now also experience the same level of dual monitor support enjoyed by Mac OS X customers. Palettes, toolbars, and the toolbox can now be moved outside the application window and dialog boxes appear on the same monitor as the active canvas.

New Art Pen Brushes Following the introduction of the Corel Painter IX Art Pen Brush Pack this spring, Corel has introduced five additional brushes to take advantage of the powerful realism and control of the Wacom 6D Art Pen. Customers who download the 9.1 update will receive 10 brushes in total, which include the five brushes previously introduced in the Art Pen Brush Pack.

Enhanced Dab Type Support for 'Rotation' Expression In addition to adding new brushes to take advantage of the Wacom 6D Art Pen, Corel Painter IX 9.1 offers rotation expression with the following Dab types: Circular, Captured Dab, Artists' Oils, Camel Hair, Flat, Liquid Ink Camel Hair, Liquid Ink Flat, Watercolor Camel Hair, Watercolor Flat, Palette Knife, Liquid Ink Palette Knife, and Watercolor Palette Knife.

Enhanced Support for Mac OS X Tiger Corel Painter IX 9.1 now provides even better overall performance when running on Tiger. This enhancement complements the Corel Painter IX Spotlight plugin introduced earlier this spring that enables customers to take full advantage of Tiger's advanced searching capabilities with their Painter files.

To download the Corel Painter IX 9.1 update and to access a full list of included enhancements, please visit

Corel has also introduced the Corel Painter Open Upgrade Program for customers in North America and the United Kingdom. Until August 31, 2005, the Corel Painter IX upgrade policy has been broadened to include any graphics or imaging software package from the following companies: Adobe, Macromedia, ACD Systems, Corel (including Corel Painter Classic, Painter Essentials, and any previous version of Painter), Microsoft, and Apple. For a limited time, Corel Painter IX is available through Corel and participating resellers at the upgrade suggested retail price of $229 a savings of $200 off the full suggested retail price of $429. Resellers may sell for less. For more details, please visit