ConeColor Ink for Ultrachrome K3 Printers

Vermont PhotoInkjet has announced the immediate availability of their new color ink formulation which replicates the color-space of EPSON's Ultrachrome K3 inks. ConeColor inks are sold in one-liter bottles that are packaged with a set of eco-friendly refillable cartridges. ConeColor ink shares the same pigment technology as Piezography K7 inks that are claimed to make them extremely fade resistant and non-damaging to EPSON print heads. The ConeColor inks do not require any additional color management, and can be used with existing ICC profiles.

Instead of using cartridges for one-time use, ConeColor is marketing its new inks for use in a set of high-impact ABS refillable cartridges for the EPSON 4800, 7800 and 9800 printers. These carts are easily filled from a bottle and their semiconductor chips are simply reset with an included chip re-setter. A solution for the EPSON 2400 is forthcoming. Vermont also hopes to bring more of its Piezography brand monochromatic ink customers into eco-friendly solutions in a similar manner.

Because Vermont PhotoInkjet are claimed to carefully match the color-space of the OEM inks, users can slip ConeColor inks right into their current color workflow. According to the company, consumers in the USA often believe that using third-party inks voids their warranties. To the contrary, says the company, the USA has strong consumable laws such as the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act that disallows a manufacturer from forcing a consumer to utilize only their ink brand in order to warranty their printer. Vermont PhotoInkjet has insurance for their manufacturing that covers its customer's equipment should repairs be necessary and the inks or refill cartridges are shown to be the source of the damage.

ConeColor inks are available in one-liter bottles including both a matte and a photo black option. They are priced at $184.00 per bottle. The refillable cartridge system is $398.00. ConeColor brand ink and refill carts are available now from and are being made available by Vermont PhotoInkjet to resellers in the USA with a contact link on the website.