ClearWhite White Balance Filter

The new ClearWhite white balance filter is used to obtain an accurate white balance in your digital camera, regardless of the type of light conditions. The colors obtained from customizing your color balance with this filter are clean and neutral. Regardless of the file format you're shooting (including JPG TIF or RAW), this filter will help maintain good clean colors from the moment the image is captured on your camera's sensor, minimizing the need for destructive color corrections.

Individually dyed and calibrated for use in any lighting condition, even tricky lighting indoors, ClearWhite white balance filters are made from extremely durable, impact-resistant satin-surface acrylic in 4" x 4" squares (custom sizes are available for a small additional cost). Extremely easy to use, they are simply held up in front of your lens and pointed at the predominant light source when setting your camera's custom white balance. These filters can also be used to accurately determine the amount of lens vignetting (darkening toward the edges of your image) and can detect dust or problems with your digital camera's sensor. Tests comparing the ClearWhite filter to other white balance methods (even an expensive color meter) show the ClearWhite is the winner with more neutral color balance (cleaner, more accurate colors) in nearly all lighting conditions.

Every ClearWhite white balance filter comes with instructions for use, including charts, white balance strategies, a simple Quick Guide to start getting perfect color results immediately, a protective sleeve, a calibration label and a removable soft black neck strap. Available for the low price of $39.95 each (plus shipping). With a money-back guarantee. See for ordering information and comparison images.