Build Yourself a Simple Soft Focus Lens with Cheap PVC Pipe and a $5 Meniscus Lens (VIDEO)

Ten years ago we ran an article extolling the virtues of soft focus lenses and explaining how to make a pretty sophisticated one yourself. And now, in the DIY video below, you’ll learn a less expensive method for making a basic version.

In this 8-minute clip, photographer and DIY specialist Randy Snook walks you through the procedure, which requires little more than a short piece of PVC joint pipe, a single-element meniscus lens, some glue and a cheap adapter ring.

You can find more interesting tips from Snook on his YouTube channel. And be sure to check out our earlier DIY soft focus lens article, which explains how these devices work and provides some good tips on using them.

And if you missed yesterday’s video for making a $10 table-top “photo studio,” take a look!

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I was unable to locate a 65mm Meniscus lens on the website. Where can I locate one? Thanks.