Aspiring, Pro Photographers Gain Practical Advice From Kingston Technology’s ‘Icons of Photography’

Kingston Technology Company, Inc. has posted answers to a new series of questions submitted by professional and aspiring digital photographers to its Ask the Icon interactive feature on the `Icons of Photography' microsite on

"Kingston's `Icons of Photography' has generated interest from photographers of all levels who want to learn from some of the world's most-respected photographers," said Jaja Lin, Flash memory marketing manager, Kingston®. "We're delighted to be a conduit between our customers and the Icons, providing a platform where everyone can share and explore ideas," added Lin.

Questions submitted by digital photographers from England, Malaysia, Ireland and the U.S. were addressed by Kingston's four Icon photographers participating in the program -- Harry Benson, Colin Finlay, Gerd Ludwig and Peter Read Miller. Site visitors are encouraged to ask questions related to equipment; tips and techniques for capturing better images; advice about getting started as a photographer; or marketing one's work.

"I continue to be impressed with the level of interest photographers have shown in the program and the types of questions they ask," said Finlay, whose recent book project, Darfur: Twenty Years of War and Genocide in Sudan recently won a Lucie Award in New York. "I think we learn as much from them as they are hopefully learning from us and there is a great level of satisfaction that comes from openly sharing our collective knowledge with each other."

Kingston's `Icons of Photography' program consists of three elements -- 20 Questions, Ask the Icon and Critique My Image. Through the program, professional photographers and enthusiasts can improve their techniques by submitting their own photography for constructive critique. Additional information is available at