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Californian Robert Finkelman enjoys dual vocations as a photographer and filmmaker, capturing headshots for Hollywood’s acting and musician populations as well as developing, co-producing, and co-writing television documentaries. Naturally his website features a “Headshots” gallery and Finkelman manages to produce something more than the cookie-cutter approach cranked out by many practitioners of this genre. His examples are colorful and lively, filled with the personalities of the people depicted, making them more than just standard headshots, thus offering his clients something different in their portfolios. His few fashion images are fun photographs of what could be called California style and not the haute couture type of models or images that could be made at Fashion Week in New York’s Bryant Park. But they are fun, which is why I would have liked to have seen more. His “Fine Art” images feature landscapes, mostly of the desert, and appear to have been made using infrared film, something that’s a lot more challenging on the technical level than its digital equivalent and embrace a somewhat different aesthetic. Getting a reasonably exposed and composed image made with IR film isn’t easy, yet Finkelman rises to the challenge, creating the kind of moody and dramatic images that are only possible with that tricky medium. The bite people ( in Los Angeles created Finkelman’s laid back but dynamic site.

© 2010, Robert Finkelman, All Rights Reserved
Paul Janosi is a Mississauga (Canada)-based freelance photographer specializing in underwater, travel, nature, and stock photography and whose tidy website comprehensively represents his coverage of this subject matter. His specialties are shown in clever slide-to-open windows at the top of the page; selecting any one is a gateway to the images within where individual photographs or a slide show await. His Portfolio features these same collections but is organized around specific themes such as Birds of Florida, but no matter how you jump into Janosi’s work you’ll be amazed by his technical and artistic skills.

© 2010, Paul Janosi, All Rights Reserved

No discipline, I think, is as difficult as bird photography and three collections contain these flighty subjects, including Birds of Prey that features the best photographs of owls I’ve seen. His image of an owl on a snow-covered log is stunning but alas there is no title or caption to tell us about the type of owl or where it was made. His nature images are wide ranging and include everything from African wildlife to photographs of sharks, rays, and other denizens of the deep. What’s so remarkable about this work is that Janosi makes these vibrant compositions look effortless when all of us know that good wildlife photography is challenging on both photographic and physical levels. Janosi’s images are not only very good but achieve an excellence that tells you that this somewhat overwhelming assortment of photographs represents a lifetime of hard work to produce. Judging from his portrait in the “Bio” section of the site, Janosi is still a relatively young man so I can’t wait to see what else he’ll produce.