Are You a Photo Bag Hoarder? You’ve Got Nothing on David Alan Harvey’s Massive Collection (VIDEO)

Our own Jon “The Bag Man” Sienkiewicz knows a thing or two about photo bags – check out his takes on the latest Domke, Manfrotto, and Vanguard models – but we’re guessing his collection of camera packs, pouches and satchels doesn’t rival David Alan Harvey’s.

In the below video, titled “Bag World,” Harvey reveals the depths of his photo bag obsession with a hoarder-like stash of bags of all shapes and sizes, some which are so old they’ve literally become petrified.

For those of you out there who feel your photo bag addiction is starting to get out of hand, view this humorous video as a cautionary tale. The clip was shot in 2010 for a National Geographic seminar, and we’re hoping Harvey’s been able to get rid of some of his crusty, old bags since then.