Apple May Disable Your iPhone Camera at Concerts and Venues Where Photography Is “Inappropriate”

How many times have you been at a museum or concert only to be distracted from the sights and sounds by a bunch of folks snapping away with their smartphones? Or perhaps you are one of the offenders. Well, in news that's sure to get some folks riled up, Apple just received a patent for technology that would disable your iPhone in situations where photography is deemed “inappropriate.”

According to Patently Apple, the technology involves directional infrared emitters at the venue that would disable your iPhone's camera when it’s pointed in the “wrong” direction. So while you would still be able to take photos of friends at the event, if you point the phone at the stage (or artwork at a museum), it’s a no go.

It’s easy to imagine where technology like this could be used for more nefarious purposes, but there may be an upside as well; like providing interesting information if you point your phone at an exotic animal at the zoo, for example. Or maybe the infrared signal could disable any phone mounted atop a selfie stick.

At any rate, don’t get too worked up just yet; many patents never see the light of day. We’ll keep you posted on this one.