Google Pixel 3 Smartphone vs Sony A7R III Mirrorless Camera in Low Light Challenge: “Mind Blown”

The new Night Sight mode for the Google Pixel 3 smartphone’s camera has been getting a lot of good press lately so photographer Pierre T. Lambert thought he would put it to the ultimate challenge. Instead of comparing it against other smartphone cameras, he pitted the Pixel 3’s Night Sight mode against the low light shooting skills of his Sony A7R III mirrorless camera.

To say Lambert was surprised with the results, is an understatement. In fact, he says his mind was blown. Spoiler alert: Some of the Google Pixel 3’s shots in low light were on par to the $5,000 Sony mirrorless camera, according to Lambert's analysis of his test shots.

“I just couldn’t believe it at the beginning,” Lambert says about Night Sight mode, which automatically combines several shots at different exposures to create one clear image in low light. “We talked about it with a few friends and I was like: ‘Ah man that is crazy.' That new (Night Sight) update they released is just mind-blowing, to be honest.”

Watch the video below where Lambert shows and discusses images he shot of the same low light subject matter with the Google smartphone and the Sony camera and judge for yourself. Then jump over to Lambert’s YouTube channel to see all of his great photography content.