All-Weather Camera Duck

International Supplies has announced today the launch of a camera protection system, called Camera Duck, which allows photographers and videographers to protect their cameras from harsh weather conditions.

The Camera Duck is essentially a cover that users can install to fit around their camera. There is an opening on both ends so not only will it fit snugly around the lens, but it also leaves room at the back so users can continue shooting no matter what the conditions. The Camera Duck is made with waterproof rip stop nylon so it will protect your camera from rain, snow, sand, sun, salt spray, and any other environmental elements that can adversely affect your camera.

The Camera Duck also features built-in pockets on the inside that can hold up to four air activated heat packs, similar to those often used to keep your hands and feet warm in extremely cold weather. These heat packs, which are non-toxic, odorless and disposable, provide up to 24 hours of gentle heat, keeping your camera warm even in below freezing temperatures.

The Camera Duck is also uniquely designed to combat condensation and fogging on the lens, which is one of the most aggravating problems with shooting in cold or humid weather. Cold air is usually dryer than warm air, so condensation usually happens when a cold camera is brought back into a warm environment. Condensation can be very destructive to the camera's internal circuitry as well as the optics, but when it happens, there is not much one can do about it except to wait for it to dissipate. The best way to prevent condensation, as much as possible, is to maintain a constant camera temperature, which is exactly what the Camera Duck is designed to do.

Camera Ducks are available in a variety of different models. For photographers, there is the standard Camera Duck, which can be used with SLR’s and camcorders, but users can also apply a number of different layers to better suit whatever weather conditions they might encounter. The Downpour Cordura Camera Duck is an outer shell that can be used over the standard Camera Duck and is ideal for heavy rain and cold down to about -10° F. There is also the Polar, which consists of three layers of protection: a nylon inner shell, which is the standard Camera Duck, a Thinsulate insulated cover and a Cordura outer shell. The Polar can be used in -30° F temperatures.

Camera Ducks are also extremely compact and lightweight, making it ideal for backpackers. The standard Camera Duck weighs only 1.5 oz and if users were to opt for the Polar’s Thinsulate insulated cover for additional layered protection, that only weighs 4.5 oz. All Camera Ducks and their additional layers can be nicely folded to conveniently fit into small compartments in backpacks or camera bags.

For more information about Camera Ducks, please visit or call (800) 999-1984.