Adorama Photo Workshops

The Workshops@Adorama program features expert help for all levels of shooter from such respected photographers as Joe McNally, Bryan Peterson, and Doug Gordon. Conceived and directed by accomplished photo editor Monica Cipnic, this unique educational asset offers its participants a high level of access, information, and resources.

Along with photographic artists and craftsmen willing to share the secrets of their success, Workshops@Adorama brings in highly knowledgable industry professionals, from camera company tech reps to photo editors from major magazines and agencies. These talented teachers have the right stuff to help all kinds of photographer—from beginners who want a push to the next level to advanced amateurs brushing up their existing skills to aspiring pros who need to know the nuts and bolts of the business.

Past workshops in the Adorama program have featured such photographic superstars as Joe McNally, Life magazine’s last photographer and location lighting wizard; Deanne Fitzmaurice, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for her photojournalism; Bambi Cantrell, acclaimed wedding photographer and author of several books on the subject; and David Honl, photojournalist and successful inventor of shoe-mount lighting gear.

Upcoming Workshops@Adorama offerings include “Making Life Easier with Adobe Photoshop” (November 21), taught by accomplished New York City fashion photographer Lindsay Adler; “Understanding Exposure and Flash,” with commercial photographer and bestselling author Bryan Peterson (November 20); and a business panel led by photographers’ consultant Louisa Curtis, called “Staying on Point: Getting Ready for 2012” (November 29). On December 14, Joe McNally will share his unmatched lighting expertise in a workshop titled, simply, “Sketching Light.”

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