8 Incredible CAMERA TRICKS that Anyone Can Do (1-Minute VIDEO)

We all want to impress our friends with our elite photography skills but, let's face it, some advanced imaging techniques take years to learn. But what if there was a way to turn heads on social media with incredible eye-popping images and you'd need less than a minute to learn all the camera tricks to do it?

That's the gist of the 59-second video below from 5-Minute Crafts that teaches you 8 easy photo hacks that anyone can do.   

"Unbelievable photography hacks and other ideas that will blow your mind," 5-Minute Crafts says. "Let's get our cameras and capture professional-like photos with these incredible hacks. Today we show you brilliant tricks and other amazing ideas that will inspire your next photo shoot with your friends. You can post these pics on social media and become internet famous with your creativity."

Here's a quick rundown of all 8 camera tricks demonstrated in the video. As they show, these photo hacks can be done with either a smartphone camera or a traditional camera.

#1 Up & Away!

#2 Mirror, Mirror

#3 Bike Flying

#4 Underwater Light

#5 Toy Plane

#6 Group Reflection

#7 Blue & Red Lights

#8 Ice Tray

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