7 Lightroom Secrets Photographer Pierre Lambert Says Will “Change Your Editing Life”

Here’s a great new video from photographer Pierre T. Lambert with his best Lightroom tips and tricks that he says will make a huge difference in how you edit your images.

"Today I’m sharing 7 Lightroom tips that will drastically improve your editing on Lightroom,” Lambert says. “Faster better stronger! I am sharing not just shortcuts but also very practical tips and tools that can use to edit better faster. Time to make your photos amazing! It’s more than just a Lightroom tutorial.”

In the Lightroom video below, he discusses these seven editing tips you can start trying right away.

#1 Shortcuts

#2 Local adjustments

#3 Masks for local adjustments

#4 Profiles

#5 Presets

#6 Filtering Presets

#7 Local Presets

Watch more of Lambert’s videos on his superb YouTube channel. Make sure you subscribe! Here are three more Lightroom tutorials we have featured recently to further help you with your editing skills.

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