5 Tips for Capturing SENSUAL Silhouettes in Boudoir Photography (VIDEO)

One of the most classic looks in photography and filmmaking is the silhouette. A dark shape, such as person's body, outlined against a brighter background in dim lighting creates drama and mystery in your photos.

It can also add some sensuality and excitement to your portraits and boudoir images, according to boudoir pro Yuliya Panchenko in the below video.

"Silhouettes are one of the most sensual and popular images in boudoir photography," Panchenko says. "However, a silhouette is not easy to achieve, and therefore, it is under-used. In this video I created the silhouette images with one continuous light."

Here are the silhouette photography tips Panchenko demonstrates in the video below while serving as her own model for the shoot:

Tip 1: Lighting

Tip 2: Framing

Tip 3: Posing

Tip 4: Hair

Tip 5: Special Effects

Check out the video below and try adding some sensual silhouettes to your portrait and boudoir photo this weekend. And be sure to subscribe to Panchenko's excellent channel to get all her tips including this tutorial on the five best boudoir poses on the bed, and this one on how to shoot boudoir photography with just one light.