How to Shoot Gorgeous Boudoir Photos with Just One Light! (VIDEO)

The art of capturing sensuous boudoir photographs needn’t be complicated, nor does it require a fancy studio outfitted with expensive gear. As you’ll see in the following video, all you really need—apart from your camera and a lens—is an attractive model, one continuous light, and a nearby window. Best yet, you can get the job done in the comfort of your home.

Yuliya Panchenko is a Florida-based wedding and boudoir photographer, as well as a popular instructor who first launched her YouTube channel back in 2015. What makes this behind-the-scenes tutorial unique is you’ll have the opportunity to watch Panchenko’s entire boudoir session. And by the end of the video, you’ll feel like you attended a comprehensive master class for free!

Panchenko has her model demonstrate a variety of alluring poses, starting with simple positioning before adding more complexity. You’ll see how Panchenko imbues her model with a sense of confidence with some simple directorial techniques. Choosing the right wardrobe is also important in this regard, and you’ll see which options work best for this particular model.

While her model is changing outfits, Panchenko provides a detailed rundown on the camera, lenses, and light chosen for the session. And once the shutter starts clicking, you’ll pick up plenty of great technical information that will enable you to try this simple approach yourself.

After watching this tutorial, head over to Panchenko’s YouTube channel for more great tips on boudoir photography. And don’t miss a recent story we posted, with 5 easy boudoir poses with simple set-ups.