5 Must-Have Photo Accessories Under $50, According to Peter McKinnon

Here's a great little gear round-up from photographer Peter McKinnon on "5 Clever Photo/Video Accessories (Under $50) You're Going to Want." Speaking of clever, McKinnon sets up the video by ordering all of these photo accessories through Amazon and opening the box with everything inside on camera.

"I'm genuinely excited about what's in this box, and you might find some of it very clever as well," McKinnon says while pulling out a pocket knife. "Time to open the box!"

Can't wait to see what's inside! If you can't either, here are his five must-have photo accessories, which you can buy via Amazon links in the description on the video page (like most YouTubers who use affiliate links, he gets a small cut of the sale of the products.)

1. 5-in-1 Reflector

2. Light Tent

3. LCD Viewfinder

4. Lazy Susan

5 Mini Tripod

6. (BONUS) Camping Chair

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Visit McKinnon's YouTube channel for more great photography videos.