10 Cheap Photo Accessories Photographer Pierre Lambert Can't Live Without (VIDEO)

Every photographer has go-to gear they turn to in a pinch. In fact, sometimes these little camera gadgets, gizmos and assorted photo accessories can be more important to a particular shoot than your camera or lens.

It’s even better when these little photo doohickeys are inexpensive. Travel and street photographer Pierre T. Lambert has 10 cheap photo accessories that he can’t live without and he shares them in the below video. Maybe you’ll find something handy to add to your camera bag!

#1 Memory card box

#2 Camera strap

#3 Camera holster

#4 Filter pouch

#5 Air dust blower

#6 Velcro

#7 “Magic” pouch

#8 Flashlight

#9 Rice paper

#10 Flexible tripod

You can find out the actual products and where to buy them in the description to Lambert’s YouTube video. Check out more of his tutorials, tips and videos on his awesome channel. Here are three other stories we have featured with product recommendations from photographers:

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