5 EASY Lighting Tips for Boudoir Photography (VIDEO)

Boudoir is one of the fastest growing segments in photography. But if you really want to up your game as a boudoir photographer, you're going to need to learn a thing or two about lighting.

Let's face it, you can't shoot an attractive boudoir image without flattering lighting.

Have no fear though! Boudoir and fitness photographer Brett Seeley has a short, sweet and easy tutorial below with five simple boudoir lighting setups to get you started. In the video, Seeley photographs boudoir and glamour model Sarah Allen in a small bedroom using one and two strobes.

This single-light and two-light approach is really the way to go in boudoir photography because you don't want your light to be harsh in these intimate settings. At the same time, this minimalist method allows you multiple options if you want clear, straight-on boudoir portraits or something more dark and dramatic.

"I'm going to show you how to shoot something bright and something a little bit more moody," Seeley says. Here are the five lighting setups that Seeley and Allen demonstrate in the video.

#1 Front Side Key

#2 Short Side Key

#3 High Key Back Lit (Aimed at the Back Curtains)

#4 Back Lit

#5 Sammich

After you watch the video, go visit Seeley's channel to see all his fitness and boudoir photography content including this hilarious video where he skewers the five WORST types of photographers out there.