3 Easy Image Edits to Turn Photo Duds into Studs

Photographer Benjamin Jaworskyj has a message for beginner photographers: sometimes what you do after you snap the shutter during image processing can be half the battle. In the below video, Jaworskyj share three simple editing tips that he guarantees will “turn any photo into a banger.”

But first, you need to get over your fear of photo editing.

“Editing images can be tough,” he says. “Especially when you are a beginner. So, in this video I will show you three steps to turn any photo into a banger. Small adjustments, big difference!”

#1 Cropping

“If you made a mistake with your composition when you took the photo, you can get a lot out of your picture with an appropriate crop,” Jaworskyj explains. “Just cut off unwanted areas, enlarge the subject and maybe straighten the horizon. You can do all of this with any program.”

#2 Contrast & Color

“To make your photo pop, you always have to add contrast and color. In every program you will find these sliders somewhere on the top. One person likes more color and other people like less and you can adjust all this with one slider. You can also add or remove contrast in different ways.”

#3 Clean & Save

“The last step is cleaning the image. There might be dust spots on the lens or the camera’s sensor. There may also be wet or dried raindrops or ocean spray. Or maybe there’s electricity lines in the image that you don’t like or trash or even a person standing around. A few years ago it was a bit more complicated to remove those things, today it’s much easier.”