The Best FREE Photo-Editing Software in 2023 (VIDEO)

If you’re looking for a free high-quality photo editor because you can’t afford costly software like Photoshop or Lightroom you’ve come to the right place. In barely eight minutes you'll learn about the best currently available options in the quick video below.

These are the five top picks from Brett in Tech, a popular YouTube channel devoted to tips, tutorials and reviews of the latest software and other technology resources. Whether you’re looking for something basic to quickly enhance photos, or you require advanced features, this eight-minute episode has you covered.

Instructor Brett Bristow provides his favorite choices in reverse order, with options for both Mac and PC users. There are links to his five favorites (and a few runners up) in the description beneath the video. Some of these picks are also available in versions for mobile devices as well as your computer.

Coming in at #5 is Photoshop Express from Adobe. Unlike the full version that we all love (or hate), this free option is designed for those who want quick-and-easy solutions. It has a very short learning curve. As you’d expect, it’s not nearly as feature-packed as the paid version of Photoshop, but there are a decent number of tools for simple enhancements.

Next is Photoscape X that includes a wider range of capabilities and tools for processing your images. It also features a screenshot tool, allows you to create GIFs and collages, and has support for Raw images. The interface is easy to navigate too. And unlike Photoshop Express that is only available for Windows, this one has versions for both Mac and PC users.

Bristow’s third pick is Krita that he says, “has everything necessary to edit your photos, and also includes tools for digital painting and animation.” This free open-source option is sufficiently capable for advanced users, with more than 100 built-in brushes and other similarly expansive capabilities. Kita has support for working with layers and masking, a myriad of filters, and much more. It also includes a very effective color selector.

So what are the top two picks? You’ll have to watch the video to find out, but in all cases there’s a brief demonstration of how each option works. There’s no reason to pull out your wallet; just take a look at the video and decide which choice is best for you.

There’s much more to see on the interesting Brett in Tech YouTube channel, on a variety of technology topics, so be sure to pay a visit when you have time.

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