Ilford Single Use Cameras

Ilford Photo has introduced black & white disposable cameras. There are 2 film choices available, each giving up to 27 exposures.

The ILFORD XP2 Super Single Use Camera gives the convenience of being able to have the film processed at any photo processing center using C41 color negative systems, with proof prints made on color paper. These can either be close-to-neutral black and white prints, or color toned monochrome prints, and are ideal for deciding which negatives to print on black and white paper.

The ILFORD HP5 Plus Single Use Camera is intended for processing at locations with standard black and white film processing and printing chemistry, resulting in true, real black and white prints that have a unique look as the images are made from silver.

Steven Brierley, Director of Sales and Marketing at Harman, says "We continue to be surprised at the number of requests we get for the retro style black and white film cameras. Many are from digital users who now want the look of real black and white prints from a film negative, especially when they go to events and parties."

Cameras are available to purchase now from usual photographic dealers and distributors, and from

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