Three New Kits From Lumiquest

LumiQuest is introducing the following three Kits for specific photographic applications:

Strobist® Kit: The Strobist® Kit offers the “go to” flash modifiers of David Hobby ( Included in this Kit are the LumiQuest SoftBox III, FXtra and two UltraStraps.

Wedding/Event Kit: The LumiQuest Quik Bounce, FXtra and UltraStrap are the perfect trio for the fast moving photographers covering weddings and events. (Shown in illustration)

Location/Portrait Kit: Products included in this Kit offer the photographer many options for shooting portrait type work on location. The Kit includes the SoftBox III, Snoot XTR, FXtra and two UltraStraps. Compact enough to take on location, equallyat home in your studio.

In commenting on “Why Kits for specific applications,” Quest C. Couch, Co-Founder and CEO of LumiQuest states, “During our 25 years we have had thousands of conversations with photographers and coupled with ourexperiences, what emerged were three main categories of photographers… those who follow David Hobby’s shooting style, the fast-paced wedding and event folks and lastly, photographers who do lots of location portrait work.” Thecomponents of these kits were carefully considered and selected for specific situations and objectives.

“In addition, during these challenging economic times we wanted to offer value-added Kits,” added Quest. All of the Kits offered are at a savings over purchasing the individual products. Also, included with each Kit is a free storage pouch to neatly and conveniently store the products.

The Strobist Kit is an $86.00 value and has a MSRP of $76.95. The Wedding / Event Kit has a value of $77.00 with MSRP at $68.95. Our Location / Portrait Kit is valued at $120.00 with a MSRP of $99.95.

“You certainly don’t have to use everything in a Kit every time, and you will likely add items depending on your personal style. But, the Kits are a great place to start,” states Quest.

LumiQuest products are fabricated in the USA using only material formulated for precise photographic application. They carry an unconditional guarantee and are available in authorized dealers worldwide.

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It looks to me like this stuffs are really useful. Where can we easily purchase this? This is really interesting. - Casa Sandoval