Fotodiox’s WonderPana Filter Systems

Fotodiox ( announced the immediate availability of its WonderPana 145 and WonderPana 66 Filter Systems. These lens hood adapter Systems are said to be ideal for panorama, nature, architectural, fashion and event photographers, as well as analog and digital filmmakers who are looking to better manage lighting balance and avoid time-intensive post-production editing.

Super Wide Angle (SWA) and Ultra Wide Angle (UWA) lenses make using filters problematic due to protruding front-end lens elements. The WonderPana Systems allow SWA and UWA to accept UV, polarizing and neutral density (ND) filters. Also available for immediate shipping are Fotodiox’s recently announced PRO line of ten UV, polarizing and ND filters, designed to work flawlessly with the WonderPana Systems as well as others on the market. These ingenious lens filter systems represent the first products in the new “Wonder” line of original products planned for release by Fotodiox.

The WonderPana Systems are available for order now on the Fotodiox website. The WonderPana 66 System starts at $350 and the WonderPana 145 System starts at $200. The PRO line of filters starts at $79.95.

WonderPana 145 Filter System
The WonderPana 145 Filter System includes a metal adapter hood that accommodates the Fotodiox PRO 145mm round filter format. It is compatible with all Fotodiox PRO 145mm filters, including the new 145mm PRO filters. It is also easily upgradeable to the WonderPana 66, allowing the use of industry standard 6.6” rectangular filters. The WonderPana 145 System holder is available with several different filter kit options.

WonderPana 66 Filter System
The WonderPana 66 Filter System will accept all Fotodiox PRO 145 filters, in addition to industry standard rectangular 6.6” filters from Schneider Optics. The WonderPana 66 System can accommodate two filters at the same time: either two rectangular filters, or one circular and one rectangular filter. Similar rectangular filter systems compatible with LEE (150mm) and Cokin X-Pro (130mm) rectangular filters are also slated for release in 2013.

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