Adorama Flashpoint DG600 300 w/s AC/DC Blue Monolight

Adorama is now selling the newly enhanced Flashpoint DG600 300 w/s AC/DC Blue Monolight. Flashpoint is Adorama’s product line featuring high quality photo accessories and gear such as the DG600 Monolight at price points lower than the competing name brands.

Retailing at 199.95 USD or bundled with a power pack and charger for 299.95 USD, the Flashpoint DG600 Monolight model features a cool LED-modeling light housed in a rugged yet lighter and more heat resistant body. The monolight works with all of Flashpoint’s famous camera accessories and gear, including Flashpoint Speed Ring Adapters and Flashpoint Softboxes. The Flashpoint DG600 Monolight fires 180 full-powered flashes when using the Flashpoint portable power pack, which allows photographers to operate lighting cord-free, ideal when onsite electricity is unavailable.

Specifications & Benefits:
* 1/1500 – 1/800 flash duration
* Stepless control from full power to 1/32 power
* 8” reflector
* Digital readout in 1/10 of a stop
* 5600K color temperature
* Numerous other light control accessories for any shooting situation
* User replaceable flash tube and modeling lamp
* Low sync voltage – 6 volts – is safe for all cameras, both film and digital
* Full line of beauty dishes 16-21, 27 inch and grids available

Pricing and Availability
The updated Flashpoint DG600 300 w/s AC/DC Blue Monolight retails at 199.95 USD or bundled with a power pack and charger for 299.95 USD and is available online at or at the Adorama superstore located at 42 West 18th Street New York, NY 10011.

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I was not disappointed with this material. Perfect for any photographic lighting requirements. - Michael Courouleau

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The power pack charger that comes this baby is nothing that I've every seen, it really is top-notch.

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